Chatbots are doing nothing wrong.
People who want to use chatbots for every possible use case are doing it wrong.

We see following conversations happening over and over again:

  • “I need a chatbot
  • What’s your business goal with your chatbot? What problem do you want to solve with a chatbot?
  • I don’t know what it will do, but I want one.
  • Why do you really need a chatbot?
  • My boss said we need a chatbot…”

Doesnt create bot for no reason

There’s a hype cycle to technologies in general. It starts with hype: a new way of doing something has its day in the sun, like chatbots, or language translation, and early demonstrations are incredibly promising. But when they’re released into the wild, these things just never work as well as we hope they will. They always have their limitations, and those limitations become apparent relatively fast.

Today chatbots are in the 3rd phase of the hype lifecycle.

Bots are in the phase of disillusionment

Bots are in the phase of disillusionment

Today the average Facebook Messenger based chatbot operates with 70% of failure rate. This means only 3 out of 10 questions are answered properly by chatbots. Only 3 out of 10 customers will think you’ve solved their problems. Is it really what you need?

If you want to center your customer care around a chatbot … rather forget it.

Chatbots are not the magic bullet. Machines have some really basic limitations. They are good at tasks, but in authentic conversations, they are totally lost. They won’t solve all your growing chat problems, but create extra problems and sometimes even negative customer experience. That’s the last thing a brand needs today.

You customers deserve your attention. Your customers deserve to be treated well. And they deserve a solution now! Brands can’t wait until chatbot technology (NLP, AI) becomes advanced enough that it can manage complex conversations following the special rules and guidelines.

Customers want to chat now, and companies have to respond to their requests. Brands need something what makes their currently existing human based chatting more productive today.

Combining empaty with machine learning

We see Human/AI collaboration as a key step forward in chat technology.

In our approach we don’t want to replace humans with chatbots. We rather use chatbot like technologies to augment the capabilities of human chat agents. Ask us how we do it: chat with us.