Chat is becoming people’s preferred channel of personal communication towards brands. This is a great opportunity for brands to shape the conversation in their favour, and to deliver their message in a personal way. In this article you will find thoughts and ideas how brands can fit chatting into their content strategy.

Every good content strategy should have a well defined and measurable goal.
How does it fit into the overall brand strategy? How exactly does it contribute the brand / sales goals?

Every good content strategy uses multiple forms of communication to engage the target group. Beside blogs, Youtube channels, press releases, chat is also a channel to spread the word, distribute the content.

A chat message is the smallest piece of content. Even smaller than a tweet. But it’s still a content.

brand content is optimised for channels

After brand content is optimised for channels, create links between channels

Here are some tips how you can support your content strategy with efficient chatting:

Find out how and about what people are chatting with you

Chat data can tell a lot of real stories, uncover valuable insights. Digging deeper into data will help you to get more clear picture about chatting, than solely relying on personally biased feelings.

Chat data can tell you:

  • What people are really interested in ? What are the most talked about topics? How trending topics change over time? What are the the generic topics that are constantly asked?
  • When and how intense people are chatting with you? How it matches you chat activity, workload availability ? Where are the biggest differences between people’s and your brand’s chat activity?
  • What makes people happy, and what angry? How is the sentiment of people for different topics?

Topic heatmap can show what people are talking about with your brand

Compare findings to current content strategy. Create extra content if you discover trending topics are not yet covered by your recent contents. Identify crucial topics, manage and change negative sentiment. Match your active chat period with people’s lifestyle to achieve fastest response time.

Find the big topics, craft responses,

If you already know what are most common questions group them into topics. To increase efficiency use standard response templates for different topics to respond quickly and in bullet proof way. Add human touch and personalise templates on the fly.

Break top used topics into sub topics

Break top used topics into sub topics and create more specific template responses

For less used topics it’s enough to create generic, overarching response templates, but try to avoid too generic answers in case of top used topics. Break bigger topics into sub-topics, and create more specific response templates to sub-topics.

Use chat to redirect towards existing content

Chat is not only a great place to engage with users, but can drive great traffic towards other channels as well.

Chat can be used to redirect people towards existing content

Chat can be used to redirect people towards existing content

Some questions can’t be answered with only a few sentences. Chat is not the best platform to deliver long, detailed explanations, so sometimes you’ll have to redirect people towards to other channels. A blog post, press release or youtube video can give the full picture, while a headline like message answers the question quick and short.


Sometimes a video is worth thousands words

You can also create extra content for most trending topics, campaigns and let people know about them once you fulfilled their original intent.

We at want to help brands to manage chatting in a more productive way and to fit chat into their content strategy as a very personal and engaging channel. Ask us how we can help your brand to master the world of chat: