Why you should use Facebook Messenger to communicate with your customers? The answer is simple:

Your customers are already using Messenger, and they expect to find you there.

  • More than 1 billion people use Messenger regularly.
  • More than 2 billion messages are sent between people and businesses every month on Messenger.
  • 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly.
  • 67% said they expect to use messaging more for communicating with businesses over the next two years.

With Messenger (and chat platforms in general) brands are able to lead more personal and direct conversations than in case of traditional social networks or other forms of marketing. Chat is the real way of personal communication. In chat you can really talk 1on1 to your beloved customers, fans.

Laptops with conversation diagrams

Here are some tips, how to get the most out of Facebook Messenger chatting.

1. Integrate Messenger into your overall Facebook marketing strategy

Whenever you think of Facebook marketing strategy you shouldn’t restrict your thinking only to paid advertising. Everything you do on Facebook (content strategy, answering comments, paid advertising, etc) should be included in your Facebook marketing strategy.

If you have already a Facebook marketing strategy with well defined target group, business goals, posting and advertising strategy it’s easy to find the best place and purpose for Messenger in this blueprint.

Chatting can serve multiple goals based on your special needs. Just to give you some idea what you can use chat for:

  • to drive sales for your webshop, by providing customers more information before making the purchase, or even make sales directly within Messenger,
  • to provide customer care, answer questions and solve your customers problems through chat,
  • to build personal relationship with your most loyal fans and turn them into brand ambassadors,
  • to distribute your content in a personalised way, and o connect the right people with the right information.

2. Set up your Messenger account

Before you jump into the exciting part of chatting with your followers you have to do some housekeeping with your Messenger account

1. Select username

Create your Facebook username if you did not have yet one. Your username will appear bellow your profile picture starting with @ symbol, and this will be the username for Messenger as well.

a. Click Create Page @username in the left column of your page
b. Enter your preferred username
c. Click Create Username

Image via Oprah Magazine on Facebook

Image via Oprah Magazine on Facebook

2. Enable messaging for your page

In order to allow your fans and followers to message your page, turn messaging on for your Page:

a. From your Facebook Page, click Settings
b. Click General in the left column
c. Scroll to Messages and click Edit
d. Check the box next to the words Allow people to contact my Page privately by showing the Message button
e. Click Save Changes

Facebook allow private messages

Allow people to send you private messages

3. Encourage people to send you messages by keeping the response time low

Facebook displays your average response time right on your page, whether that’s a few minutes, a few hours, or more than a day. If you want to encourage users to interact with you via Facebook Messenger, keep your response time low.

You may even want to activate the “Very responsive to messages” badge. In order to get it, you need to have an average response rate of 90 percent and an average response time of 15 minutes over the last seven days.

Image via Facebook Business page

Image via Facebook Business page

3. Collect chat partners, grow your chat audience

Let people know they can message your business

Here’s how you can let people know that your business can communicate by Messenger and encourage them to initiate conversations with you:

1. Send Message button:

People can message your business directly by clicking on the Message button on your Page, from desktop and mobile.

Facebook page send message button

Find “Send message” button in the top right part of the Facebook page

2. Get messages posts:

Create specific post, letting your fans know they can message you.

Facebook post creating

Create posts encouraging people to message your business

3. Local awareness adverts:

Run local awareness adverts using the Send Message call-to-action that allows customers to initiate conversations with your business directly from an advert.

Facebook get messages

“Get messages” sponsored posts are also available on Facebook

4. Messenger username

People can search for your business on Messenger by username. Your username will show up directly on your Page, underneath your Page title with an @ symbol before it.

Facebook username location

5. Messenger codes

People can scan this unique code to open a message thread with your business. Messenger code images are available for download in your Page’s inbox.

Messenger codes

People can scan your Messenger code and start to chat with you immediatelly

4. Find out what people are talking to you most

Chat data can tell a lot of real stories, uncover valuable insights. Digging deeper into data will help you to get more clear picture about chatting, than solely relying on personally biased feelings.

Chat data can tell you:

  • What people are really interested in ? What are the most talked about topics? How trending topics change over time? What are the the generic topics that are constantly asked?
  • When and how intense people are chatting with you? How it matches you chat activity, workload availability ? Where are the biggest differences between people’s and your brand’s chat activity?
  • What makes people happy, and what angry? How is the sentiment of people for different topics?
  • Compare findings to current chat strategy. Create extra content if you discover trending topics are not yet covered by your recent contents. Identify crucial topics, manage and change negative sentiment. Match your active chat period with people’s lifestyle to achieve fastest response time.

5. Drive traffic to your most valuable channels

Chat is not only a great place to engage with users, but can drive great traffic towards other channels as well. Chat is proven to be one of the best converting channel, helping you to drive traffic, to your webshop, product pages or even YouTube, or other social media channels.

Some questions can’t be answered with only a few sentences. Chat is not the best platform to deliver long, detailed explanations, so sometimes you’ll have to redirect people towards to other channels. A blog post, press release or youtube video can give the full picture, while a headline like message answers the question quick and short.

Facebook video

You can also create extra content for most trending topics, campaigns and let people know about them once you fulfilled their original intent.

6. Scale your personal conversations

If you do your job well you will see the number of your chat partners constantly growing. After a certain chat community size your will need tools which help you to chat more productively.

We at Chatler.ai help brands and social media managers to manage chatting in a more productive way and to fit chat into their Facebook marketing strategy as a very personal and engaging channel.

Chatler helps social media managers to answer the repetitive questions faster and more convenient, by recommending answers to them. Chatler is integrated into the Facebook Page Messenger UI so you can receive and send recommendations and access your response library without needing to switch between windows.

Chatler recommendations integrated

Chatler.ai recommendations are seamlessly integrated into Facebook Page Messenger

Start your free trial and download Chatler.ai Chrome extension and chat more convenient a faster already today.

Ask us how we can help your brand to master the world of chat: https://m.me/chatlerai/.

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