Chatler upgrades Facebook chat with AI features.

Chatler is an AI overlay for Facebook chatting. It increases your productivity and makes everyday chatting more convenient by recommending possible replies for frequent questions.

It’s built up from two core components:

Chatler components

1. Frequent reply library

Reply library concept:
The reply library is the place where you can collect and manage all your frequent replies in an organized way. A good library is the essence of good recommendations, since Chatler is only as smart as the library is. We are here to help you in creating and keeping the library up to date with lowest effort.

Access and manage all your frequent replies in a simple UI

Access and manage all your frequent replies in a simple UI

Your chat reply library is built up by topics (as folders) and responses (as items in folders).

You can create topics just like folders. A topic incorporates responses used in the same context. Multiple responses in one topic should be different articulations of the same message.

You can add description to the topics to help your teammates with advice how to use the responses in the topic in proper way.

Repetitively used sentences or text units are replies. You can add as many replies to one topic as needed.

Setup library:
There are two ways to create starter frequent reply library:
1. We can help you in creating the starter library through automation if you have a chat history already. You can manually finalise this library by naming your topics as well as adding, editing or deleting standard responses. Please contact us if you are interested in how your automatic library would look like.

2. You start with blank library and add new topics / frequent replies manually.

In both cases your library will learn based your chat history and how you use your frequent replies in current conversations.

Search the library:
You can search your library to navigate and find topics and replies faster.

Deactivate topics, replies
There might be some topics and replies which you want to use only occasionally (eg: seasonal promotions, etc). You can deactivate these topics, replies so they won’t show up in the recommendations and library integration of the chrome extension. If you want to access these topics and replies again in the chrome extension just activate them again.

Learning algorithm:
Your library constantly learns based on new conversations and how you use the recommended replies from the library.

In the future Chatler might suggest new library items to be added to your chat reply library. In case our algorithm recognises repetitive responses which are not yet contained by the library Chatler would suggests the new items to be added.

2. Chrome extension for Facebook

Once you’ve downloaded the Chatler chrome extension you can access your library and receive reply recommendations right in your Facebook Page inbox.

Reply recommendations
Chatler algorithms analyse past incoming messages from fans and customers and find most relevant topics from topic library. If you would like to send any of the reply recommendations just click on the “+” in the message box and the frequent reply is ready to be sent in Facebook Inbox text field. Chrome Extension makes reply recommendations organic part of Facebook Page Inbox Chrome Extension makes reply recommendations organic part of Facebook Page Inbox

Library integration

Chatler algorithms need a little time to catch up with your chatting habits, specially if you don’t have a long chat history. In the first few sessions it might happen, that you don’t receive any recommendation for incoming questions. During this time period it’s best to use the integrated library browser. Just scroll down in the topic list, click on one of your choice to access the frequent replies within that topic. You can use the “+” to send frequent replies quicker just like in case of reply recommendation.

Access your reply library directly in Facebook Inbox

Access your reply library directly in Facebook Inbox

Editing frequent replies before sending

In some cases one frequent reply is not enough to answer a fan question and you might want to combine multiple replies from your library. The good news is that you can do it easily. Just click on “+” for each reply you would like to combine and all of them will be added to the Facebook Inbox text field. You can than finalise your message in the text field.

That’s it folks. Chatler is just that simple to use, and it will save you lot of time, and make everyday chatting with your fans more convenient. If something is not clear or you have any questions just ask is. Chat with us:

We’re building Chatler for you. Please support our work with your feedback. Rate us, write a review, or just send us a message with your feedback.

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Thanks to Somogyi BenceGábor Döbrei, and Andras Reder.