At Chatler our goal is to make your communication with your Facebook fans 100% pain-free. We help you to answer repetitive customer questions in a more productive way so you can focus more on the conversations that really matter.

We are excited to launch a new feature which allows you to answer post comments faster than ever. This new feature lets you reply to comments with a click and after a simple setup, the new “managed posts” feature will answer the most repetitive post comments automatically.

Let’s see how it works…

Comment library

Similar to your chat library as a first step you have to setup your comment library. With some simple steps, you can quickly add frequent comment replies to your comment library. You will be able to access these replies in your Facebook inbox or use them for automated posts.

Answer comments with one click

After installing Chatler Chrome extension you can access your comment library by opening your Facebook Inbox and selecting one of the unanswered comments. By clicking on the Chatler logo in the text field your comment library appears and you can select the right answer by clicking on the “+” button.

Answer comments automatically

If you published a quiz post recently the new “managed post” feature can save you a lot of time answering correct and incorrect answers.

1. Select the FB post you want to automate

It’s simple. Just click on “manage another post” and select the Facebook post.

2.Create rules

Rules define how Chatler will respond to common answers. They are made of 3 parts.

First, you have to add the “trigger words”. You can define when and which comments trigger specific replies from your comment library.

Second, set a “timeframe” for your automation. By adding start and end date you can restrict the automating answering function to a given time period.

Third, select a “reply” from your comment library. If a fan comment matches the trigger word 100% Chatler will automatically respond with one of the selected replies.

You can create as many rules as you want for a single post.

At Chatler we know the importance of keeping customers loyal and answering every fan comment. That’s why we’ve recently launched our new comment features so brands can communicate personally with their fans in a scalable way. We’d love to tell you more about it.