We all heard about how the new Facebook feed algorithm drastically reduces the organic reach of brand pages. Many say that this will mean the end of brand pages on Facebook. Some others emphasize that already today brands payed to appear in people’s news feed, so loosing that little organic reach won’t have big effect.

One is for sure… brands should focus more on platforms where they can organically engage with their friends and drive the conversation.

I think time has come for brands, when …

…Facebook wall posts and comments will be replaced with chatting with fans on Messenger.

Just like brands previously built their Facebook follower base, they will build their chat communities in the future. Businesses will start to actively engage with people on chat, instead of just replying to their questions in a passive way. They will use Messenger to replace the organic reach what they lost with the new Facebook algorithm.

But, to make it all happen and manage large number of conversations businesses will need something more than just manual work. They will need a more productive and cost efficient way of chatting.

Businesses think technology and automation are the answers. A research conducted by Gartner shows that 80% of businesses want to automate their conversations with their customers by 2020. Are chatbots the right answer?

Chatbots were cool yesterday. But we saw so many of them failing in miserable ways in everyday situations. According to Facebook’s own data chatbots work with 70% failure rate. Many lost the trust in them, and even more are afraid to hand over the control to a simple chatbot. Chatbots are still in experiential phase and are not the right solution for brands to manage personal conversations.

Microsoft’s TAY chatbot failure

Microsoft’s TAY chatbot failed quickly

But there are other ways how AI can help businesses to chat more productively. AI today is most successful when it helps humans, augments their capabilities and does not try to replace them.

AI can be used to help human co-workers to manage personal conversations at scale on Messenger.

We at Chatler.ai help brands and social media managers to manage chatting in a more productive way.

AI helps to pick the right reply

AI helps to pick the right reply

Chatler.ai helps social media managers to answer the repetitive questions faster and more convenient. It uses AI technologies to analyse conversation from the past and recommend replies to new questions. Chatler is integrated into the Facebook Page Messenger UI so you can receive and send recommendations and access your response library without needing to switch between windows.

Chatler.ai recommendations are seamlessly integrated into Facebook Page Messenger

Chatler.ai recommendations are seamlessly integrated into Facebook Page Messenger

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