combines leading AI with human empathy

Getting customer care right requires more than just a chatbot. The best sulutions combine AI technologies with human empathy. is much more than just a chatbot. Our algorithms learn from real human interactions so they can take over repetitive tasks (up to 80% of conversations) and reduce costs (75% productivity increase).

Conversation over take, productivity increase diagram

Many businesses quickly experienced the limitations of chatbots, and realized that customer care is too important to leave it to some simple rule based algorithms.

Most of the time fully automated chatbots caused bigger problems than they solved.

Automating customer care conversations needs a more sophisticated and thought through approach. It requires the joint efforts of humans and advanced technologies to offer a really great customer experience. The best customer care solutions combine the sheer computing power of modern AI technologies with the empathy of humans. The most advanced technologies can learn from human behaviour and adapt to repetitive patterns automatically with time.

This is what we do at We use cutting edge data science to help customer care agents to communicate more productively. combines leading AI with human empathy for the most effective customer care service.

5 simple steps to master conversational AI

1. Turn your data into insights

Businesses gather immerse data about their customer conversations but only use a small portion of it. At we turn your text data into useful insights. We analyse text based conversation logs (chat, email, comments, etc) and tell the real story hidden in your conversations.

2. Know your conversations

By segmenting the conversations we can differentiate easy to automate simple topics from complex multiple outcome conversations.

3. Automate basic functions

The simplest conversations and tasks can be turned into easy to navigate and user friendly button bots. Just like IVR’s these bots serve as self service customer care channels.

4. Augment your agents capabilities with AI

We help chat agents work by recommending relevant replies even to more complex questions where a chatbot might be confused. Human agents don’t have to search and copy-paste replies from internal knowledge base. Relevant replies appear right in the chat UI interface.

5. Automate gradually

AI algorithms track the interactions of chat agents and learn based on their behaviour. Chatler learns from every conversation. Over time AI takes over once confident enough.

Fully manual - Full automation scale

Make a step towards full automation with every conversation

AI — Human Hybrid for best customer experience

AI selects fastest way to answer customer questions

1. Users can navigate in a self service button bot

2. Smart bot answers complex questions automatically

3. AI recommends relevant answers to chat agent

AI selects fastest way to answer customer questions

Reusable AI knowledge for omnichannel customer care

Our goal is to help you automate every text based customer care channel and create sustainable and low effort way to multiply productivity increase throughout the whole customer care department.

Chat data based AI knowledge can be transfered to multiple customer care channels. helps to automate Social Media or Email conversations as well.

Our algorithms work for:

1. Chat
Website based live chat, Messenger (Viber, Whatsupp, Telegram tbd.)

2. Social media
Comments and replies on Facebook and Instagram

3. Email
Prefered contact center’s email client can help you to automate every text based customer care channel can help you to automate every text based customer care channel

Language independent algorithms for cross border solution

Chatler’s AI Engine is language-independent. It can be used even for the most complex languages.

Quick rollout from country to country is possible. Testing in a pilot country allows easy customization for the next countries while keeping the core unchanged.

Seamless integration with any contact center technology

Chatler works on top of and other popular customer care services. There’s no need to replace current solution or implement new systems. Our API product upgrades any contact center with AI capabilities in days.

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