How to avoid #chatbotfails. Focus on human-AI cooperation for better customer experiences.

1. Understand what people are talking about (with your brand)

Usually there is a great depth knowledge within the organisation about current conversations with customers. Sales people meet every day new and existing customers, phone agents manage dozens of conversations every day, FB walls are full with comments and posts of fans (and trolls). Collect and start to analyse all this information.

2. Identify patterns in conversations and develop standard answers

In ourexperience the general 80/20 rule is also valid for chat conversations of brands. 20% of the topics cover 80% of the conversations. Customers, fans tend to ask the same questions over and over again. These repetitive topics are the ones that companies have to identify and develop standard (canned) answers for.

3. Gain confidence in repetitive topics

Human chat agents should recycle canned answers in everyday chat conversations. See how people respond to them, change them if needed. Define most common customer questions for each response. With time chat agents will know which responses to use in different situations.

4. Semi automate parts of your conversation

Having gone through the learning path start to automate the most repetitive low-risk interactions. Bots can take over and free up your staff to manage meaningful interactions, like those involving human empathy. Chatbots can take over cases where the probability of having the right answer is high and the cost of being wrong is low.

Which quadrant do most of your conversations belong?

5. Track, analyse, improve

Constantly track and analyse conversations. See how people respond to canned answers, rewrite them, test multiple answers for similar questions. Develop new responses for new emerging topics, and automate them as well.

At we believe that the road towards chat automation starts with human and AI cooperation. Chatler augments the capabilities of human chat agents, by recommending responses for user requests, and learns from their interactions. Chatler is the first step towards chat automation without risking #chatbotfails.

Watch the product demo or chat with us if you want to start automating customer care conversations.